Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ian Fisher

“Girls Like That” / “It’s a Riot” [Monster Wax, 1979]

Recorded in beautiful Bothell, Washington - where incidentally I was sentenced to 5 years of Catholic school. (It was a bullshit charge… where the hell would an 8 year old get a hold of 10 pounds of C4, 100 rolls of toilet paper and a palette of Maine Wildflower Honey? You think the Bothell general store carries gourmet honey? We stole that shit in individual packs from the gas station, toilet paper too. I know it was the twins that did it - I’m talking to you Chris and Nathanial. Assuming I’ve grown up to be bigger than both of you, this isn’t settled.)

Anyhow, being 17 years old, drinking a 40 with a tie on, opening “It’s a Riot” with a shout-out to the MC5 in isolated 1979 Seattle, can’t imagine this 45 being any better. How about a sip of that 40? You're gonna want to put this one on the iPod, ‘cause Mickey’s taste better in the bushes, under a bridge, in the dark.

"It's a Riot"

"Girls Like That"


  1. 2 awesome jams. Hadn't heard "Girls Like That" before. A+++++, would listen again.

  2. Man oh man, I love this. Doug, Joel, (the commenter above), and I recently did a podcast where we played, "It's a Riot." I made sure to give you credit for introducing me to what has become one of my favorite rockers...

  3. Thanks dudes! You know, I've had this one a while but I didn't know much about the guy until recently. Turns out he passed away last year. Lots of local Seattle history mentioned in the comments like the Heats and (Spokane transplants) the Visible Targets.