Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Wipers

“Alien Boy” / “Image of Man”, "Telepathic Love”, “Voices in the Rain” [Park Avenue Records, 1980]

The following exchange took place at the Uptown Bar’s jukebox, between my female roommate, and a Man Who Resembles a Younger More Alcoholic Mr. Belvedere:

MWRaYMAMB: Hey, picking some songs? Oh, the Wipers, huh? You put this in?

Roommate: Yeah, this song’s the best.

MWRaYMAMB: Right on. Yeah, I’m from Portland originally. I know Greg Sage - used to see him around all the time. He’s not living up there anymore, he’s down in Arizona now. He’s not doin’ too much music, but he’s doin’ well. Well, I don’t KNOW him, really. I mean, if we saw each other on the street, he’d probably recognize me, but you know, we go way back…

Roommate: That’s cool. [exits]

Ok, so this EP of Is This Real outtakes eventually got slapped on the posthumous CD (albeit remixed, and er, probably better sounding), but of the 3 B-side tracks here that weren’t originally released on their first album, “Telepathic Love” is easily the best Wipers song that isn’t called “Mystery”, and I want to share it for the folks that don’t have it, and, well, uh… I’m recounting the exchange from the previous paragraph, and I’m suddenly a little afraid for my future… from here on out, I don’t know anything about the Wipers, or anything, at all, for that matter. Whoa, what IS this record in my hand? The Wyyyyy-puuurs? That’s a funny name, is it even a word? Who’s is this? Jesus, stop looking at me like that… and these aren’t sweats, they’re running pants. OH GOD.

"Telepathic Love"

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