Sunday, February 22, 2009


“Good Time Coming” / “At the Party” [Warner Bros, 1973]

It’s weird; for a bunch of New Zealanders to call themselves Bitch in 1973, I think that’s something that totally deserves a high-five; if I high-fived people, that is, which I don’t (apologies to those still hangin’). Thing is, when an early 80’s LA based metal band uses the same moniker, it just seems stupid, and you know those dudes probably high-fived the hell out of each other when they came up with it.

What the two of them probably have in common, however, is good times and partying, and since I’d way rather party with a bunch of Kiwi transplants in just barely post-swinging London than at the Rock of Love pre-pre-pre-pre-show, I’m posting up the former. If you’re in the mood for a little Credence-meets-Slade-meets-Tucky Buzzard-meets “what? no, I brought this bottle from home; [glug glug glug] there, happy?”, hit play below.

"Good Time Coming"

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