Friday, February 13, 2009

The Troggs

“Lover” / “Come Now” [Page One, 1970]

In the four long years since their “Wild Thing” set the permanent gold standard for all things completely awesome that maybe you might get drunk one night and try to teach you cats to play on your keyboard (plus, Smokey looks awesome in his little fringe vest) - most of their English contemporaries that started with a similar primitive three-chord clamor had grown just a few clicks closer to their stadium rock destinies. The Troggs, on the other hand, simply bought delay pedals. Seriously, anyone that tries to tell you a ripping guitar solo is better than a sexy French woman reading nonsense over an interlude certainly isn’t me. Just look at the cover, clearly they’re not afraid to break the rules. I mean, a belt over sweater? Lock up your women, especially if they’re similar in sweater size. So finish your Ripple, go wake up the cats, and hit play for the tunes below.


"Come Now"

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