Friday, February 13, 2009

Curtis Knight

“The Devil Made Me Do It” / “Mysterious Lady” [Philips, 1974]

I bet this guy never shuts up about the fact he played in a band with Hendrix in the early 60s. Like you’d be out walking the dog and run into him, and he’d get all, “hey man, you know who had a dog a lot like that back in my days with the Squires? My Aunt Theresa, that’s who. I discovered Jimi Hendrix!” Jesus, I rode in Quincy Jones’ limo once when I was a kid, and even I shut up about it once in a while (Confidential to Mr. Jones: I know the court order said I can’t mention your name more frequently than once a week, and - unless you count the Christmas card I sent out with you and I PhotoShopped together in a handsome cab - I didn’t bring it up for all of December, so can we call it even?).

It’s probably for the best though, since Curtis Knight milked that association long enough to move to London and crank out a handful of kick-ass records of his own. To my knowledge, this is his first 45 of that era, and features a 17 year old, pre-Motorhead Fast Eddie on lead widdly-widdly-wah. It was recorded at the same studio where Deep Purple used to mainline Carlsberg. Both sides of the 45 are winners, click below to hear them.

"The Devil Made Me Do It"

"Mysterious Lady"

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