Friday, February 13, 2009

Lucifer’s Friend

“I'm just a rock n' roll singer” / “Everybody’s Clown” [Billingsgate, 1973]

I think the crappy hand drawn Billingsgate logo pretty much tells you everything you need to know about this one: kick-ass on one side, and something that kinda reminds me of Meatloaf on the other.

Long before John Lawton took over vocal duties for Uriah Heap, he was back in the Fatherland tryin’ to out-Scorp the Scorps. Steamrock fever never quite set in though, as this Lucifer’s Friend 45's B-side is as close as he ever came before the act was consumed with proggy space/horn section madness. Still, the track kicks complete ass on its own merits, and is loads better than the version that appears on their first LP. Also, the guy on organ is named Dieter Horns, which, besides being awesome that it’s his actual name, is an odd hint at their subsequent musical downfall - a portent the Germans sometimes describe as “rokengayferproggen”.* Hit the link below for the sweetness.

*no they don’t, but the German for bagpipes is “dudelsack”, and that’s awesome.

"Everybody's Clown"

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