Thursday, February 19, 2009


“Another School Day” / “C’mon Get Together” [Bell, 1973]

These young ladies shouldn’t have been buried alongside glam also-rans like Mr. Touch Too Much (ew!) and Mud (suddenly, also ew!), and are probably more notable for putting out an LP wrapped in faux denim and doing an earlier version of a song Ace Frehley made famous - but whatever, I like hand claps, I like floor stomps, and I like feathered hair, so I’m saying this 45 rules.

Plus, they really tell it like it is on the issues. Who here is sick of school? Who here likes to party? Exactly. Those are the things mainstream music is afraid to talk about. You know, real life on the streets. You can put your [sucker punch!] hands down now [sorry, that’s what we call the old Barry Humphries how’sit’goin’]. Hit play and watch your back for truancy officers.

"Another School Day"

"C'mon Get Together"

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