Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Victims

“Television Addict” / “I’m Flipped Out Over You” [bootleg copy… duh, 1977]

Wonder Woman, Three’s Company, Charlie’s Angels, One Day at a Time, AND Little House on the Prairie? Sounds like concerns over the ’77 TV lineup had less to do with “television addiction” (not recognized by experts at TV Guide as a medical disorder) and more to do with chronic mast… er, taking time away from family and homework. I don’t even know if they had those shows in Perth, but I really hope they had something better to battler their bikkies to than The Curiosity Show (not what it sounds like) and Simon Townsend's Wonder World (exactly what it sounds like).

Hit play for the tunes below, and start thinking of contigency plans for the next time there's a more than two hour gap between Law & Order epidsodes.

"Television Addict"

"I'm Flipped Out Over You"

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  1. You DJed on Monday and I missed it! SUCKY! In order to rally up a posse so I'm not staring at my hands in the dark like a creepy loner (who loves awesome jams) please give me some advance notice next time. Thanks! Hope some weird dude got drunk and danced badly to Pony. Next time: that will be me. If you have Pony.