Monday, May 18, 2009

The Teens

“Give Me More” / “Twist is Back Again” [Hansa, 1979]

It’s hard to find much information on these West Berlin, Bay City Rollers-obsessed teens, but if my interpretation of their badly translated German Wikipedia page tells my anything, these guys were high school buddies that’d later be exploited by their label in an attempt to turn them into a sort of German Menudo-type group. Incidentally, I’d never follow a link titled “German Menudo” for fear of my retinas being permanently scared, sexually.

Speaking of burnouts, any of you spend as much time trolling Detroit-area auto ads for wheels as I do? Sure, it'd be a long haul across the country just for some new wheels, but ummmm Smokey and the Bandit, HELLOOOO. Oh, and you don’t really find the good stuff unless you spell “camero” [sic… totally] wrong. For example:

"CAR IS WICKED FAST!!!!!!!!!!! Flex-a-lite fan gear to gear timeing gears SOUNDS KOOL WINES LIKE ITS GOT A BLOWER! LOL"

I'm not really sure what model is shown in the pic, but I’m extremely interested

And predictably...


Hit play for the tunes, and can someone loan me $3,000 and the number of a guy that can airbrush a good Bea Arthur likeness? It’s time she gets the tribute she deserves. That Golden Girls Econoline that parks on my block doesn’t quite capture the esprit de corp those ladies really had with each other/cheesecake.

"Give Me More"

Apropos of having a sweet place to stay in Brooklyn, I'd like to thank Josh finding this first in a Dutch record store, which I think we all know is really code for "coffee shop".


  1. Type "The Teens" into google and you won't see a mention of this band for 2000 pages. My favorite song of theirs is We'll Have A Party Tonite Nite:

  2. Maybe the kitten and the puppy included in the ad for the 1976 CHEVY CAMERO - $16000 (WESTLAND,MI) are, in fact, SMOKEY and THE BANDIT. Maybe they come with it. In their little outfits. Ready to raise some dust.

    PS. This song is smooth.