Wednesday, May 6, 2009


“Peaches (What’s It All About?)” / “Work for My Baby” [Dart, 1974]

What’re two 20-something Battersea vocational school teachers to do to find success (babes) but have a reverb-swathed go at the UK rock charts? More power to’em, Lord knows England still probably had a healthy appetite for this sort of stuff in 1974, and Lord knows my side projects don’t go anywhere.

Which reminds me: If I were to acquire a cat and start producing my own hilarious (and adorable, probably thee most adorable) cat videos, how would I go about making money from it? The only compensation for the millions of YouTube hits I’ll get will probably just be in the form of kudos, and kudos don't buy Professor Featherbottom cat food and tiny sunglasses, nor do they buy his owner bourbon, to drink, in his new house, which he bought with the money that rolled in after the world got a glimpse of “kitty keytarsonist”. Dreams, lets make this happen.

By the way, how much for one of those Japanese cats? Those always seem to be the funniest. Tunsis, I’m glad you couldn’t be here today to see this, and Keyboard Cat, consider yourself ripped-off.

Now hit play, and kitty, don't just jump out of the cardboard box when the baby runs by, really go for it. Remember, you HATE the baby. Got it?

"Peaches (What's It All About?)"

"Work For My Baby"

(P.S. I've got to give a nod to Robin's Purepop blog for turning me on to this 45, so head on over there and dig through the archives if you actually want some info. Not that what I wrote isn't 100% true, it always is.)

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