Monday, April 13, 2009

The Vibrators

"Baby Baby" / "Into the Future" [Epic, 1977]

Attention teenage Ne're-do-wells of the Gas N Sip parking lot: Before taking any of his advice, be advised that if Lloyd Dobler had half a brain, he would’ve been serenading Diane’s bedroom window with this A-side. If, God forbid, you’re going to go all Peter Gabriel in someone’s front yard, consider hoisting a TV above your head and showing the video to either “Big Time” or “Sledgehammer”, instead. Not only are those videos awesome, and goddamn, you can hold a TV above your head, but you’ve also got an AC hookup in your Malibu [deal clincher!].

Hit play, and stop confusing Westlake Mall for Bellevue Square.

"Baby Baby"

"Into the Future"


  1. A two-fer post Monday! Made my day. Thanks Doug!

  2. this is one of my favorites singles, both side are marvellous!
    take care!!

  3. 1st, thats the best movie, 2nd, you're loyd dobbler, 3rd, i can totes lift a tv and i know where you live!