Monday, April 13, 2009

Taxi Boys

“I Can't kick, “Down to You” / “Up is Up”, “Some Love Like Yours” [star rythm records, 1981]

Close you eyes and picture your ex-girlfriend, the one you’ll never get over, with her new boyfriend. Picture her doing all those boyfriend-and-girlfriend things you guys used to do, but not with you—with him. Now, picture yourself riding a tyrannosaurus rex... through Downtown Awesome. It’s how you get to work everyday, to your job at the THRILL FACTORY. Still picturing it? Now, what ex-girlfriend? Um, no, I didn’t just put all your French fries on my plate. Why would I do that? Look at how many I already have.

Hit play for the tunes, and keep’em shut, I’ve got to find some ketchup.

“Some Love Like Yours”

“Down to You”


  1. I have got to lay off the youtube. It's getting insane. But! Still:

  2. Please put up:
    I Can't Kick
    Thank You

  3. The best record I ever played on.
    I luv the guitar sound!

    Alpo played bass. He quit to join the Nervous Eaters after they got signed to Elektra 6E 282 - Nervous Eaters - Nervous Eaters [1980]

    They tanked.
    He could have been a star?

    Plus I drank like a 5th of Jack Daniels on the way to the studio...

    watch me worship GODDESSES here:


    I forgot....

  5. to "taxiboysdrummer", we worked together at the boston school for modern languages in 1980 and you dragged me to the taxi boys shows. alpo was still with you. haven't seen you in years. get in touch,rm.