Friday, March 13, 2009

Stiv Bators

“Not That Way Anymore” / “Circumstantial Evidence” [Bomp!, 1980]

If you were to draw a line on a map, starting in Cleveland, Ohio, then northwest to Minneapolis, southwest to Omaha, up again to Bozeman, Montana, then all the way west to Los Angeles and finally, closing the loop with a point in Austin - not only would you loosely trace the Dead Boys disastrous first attempt at a US tour, it would make the shape of a heart - that could be seen from space, causing the crew of the International Space Station to make international space babies. Or just give each other hj’s. Ahhh, sweet, sweet влюбленность. That’s not gross, that’s the power of viewing giant hearts in zero gravity. Or, with a few extra stops in Tulsa and Jefferson City, a giant pirate skull. But let’s go with the heart shape for now, because there’s nothing to do in Jefferson City, and it’s a fitting icon for the pop transformation Stiv Bators would go through in his post-Dead Boys (yes!), pre-Lords of the New Church (meh) days.

While further facts of space intercourse will have to remain a secret for the time being (if you’re really curious, the elevator in my building goes up to 19! That should be enough time, right?), there’s a million fun facts I could share about this 45. For example, the other dude on there played in early 70’s powerpop’ers Blue Ash. And, did you know this was the best 45 of all time? It’s true… Oh shit, is that security? Grab my pants. Meet me back on 19 tomorrow? Quick, hit play for the tunes below and take it from Stiv, should you ever be run over by a car in Paris, please don’t simply try to “walk it off”, seek medical attention.

"Not That Way Anymore"

"Circumstantial Evidence"


  1. Another gem, Doug. Thanks! Solo Stiv is still a relatively unexplored area for me. Digging these tunes!