Friday, March 27, 2009

Heavy Metal Kids

“She’s No Angel” / “Hey Little Girl” [RAK, 1976]

Portland, OR middle school. “Ms. [redacted], what’s on your iPod?” [student thumbs through band names until one catches his eye. Listens.] “These guys aren’t heavy metal.” That’s right, it was a between-class POP QUIZ you little fucker, and guess what? You passed! Ms. [redacted] is just looking out for your future. Too bad she isn’t accepting “I dunno” as an answer to Yeah, but how rad are these guys? on the bonus question (would have accept “pretty rad”, “totally rad”, or a decent rendition of either Beavis' or Butthead's trademarked dance.) Ah well, you’ll do just fine still, just promise you won’t ditch your group to play keyboard for U.F.O. like theirs did.

Hit play below then go ask that girl to the dance - braces means her parents have money.

"She's No Angel"


  1. What? No "Hey Little Girl"? That's the killer one for me. A total knees-up Steve Marriott-style stomper.

  2. I should put it up, I just didn't have a chance to burn that side. And it totally has a Marriott vibe, but with more of a music hall kickline that a stomp, I'd say.

  3. Please some take out of the bushes... whta is Heavy Metal Kids? I have never heard of them. And am guessing it is not heavy metal at all... But what is it?